ALROSA starts employing Mir mine employees

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ALROSA has started implementing ALROSA President’s order to employ employees of Mir underground mine. According to the order, heads of structural subdivisions together with the Company’s production, HR and social services will make arrangements to employ workers of Mir underground mine by offering vacant positions to them. Transfer programs will be reviewed and approved separately for each production site in accordance with its staff requirements.

“It is important that the directions related to retraining and employment not only in Mirny, but also in Udachny and Aikhal divisions and in the Company’s subsidiaries will be considered in our work with staff. The possibility of employment at the enterprises of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) will be also examined. We will be engaged in retraining for the professions related to the key activities of the Company’s structural subdivisions and being in demand. Over 1,100 of ALROSA employees work at Mir underground mine. None of them will lose their jobs,” said the Head of ALROSA’s HR Department Alexander Statsenko.

He also reminded that while the production at the underground mine is halted, its employees will continue receiving the salary. Underground workers will be paid the average monthly earnings, other workers – 2/3 of the average monthly earnings.

Management of all ALROSA’s mining and processing divisions in Yakutia and the Arkhangelsk region confirmed that they are ready to employ the workers and ensure decent conditions for them. Any opening jobs will be offered to the employees of Mir mine as a priority. The employment issue will be addressed in a comprehensive manner, both from the point of view of organizing the move and in terms of creating conditions for comfortable work and living.

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