ALROSA starts dismantling processing plant decommissioned in 2020

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4 августа 2021 – ALROSA has begun the second phase of work to take down processing plant No. 8 of the Aikhal Division, previously decommissioned after the Komsomolsky open-pit mine closure, as required to ensure environmental safety and prevent negative environmental impact. The dismantling of the building frame is planned to be completed by the end of 2021. The area where the soon-to-be-dismantled industrial facilities are located will be fully revegetated, with the topsoil to be replaced and replanted.

ALROSA, as the world’s largest producer of rough diamonds, is committed to conducting its business in a responsible way The Company takes environmental safety very seriously, seeking to minimise the environmental impact at all stages of the production process. Revegetating the areas disturbed as part of its operations is a top priority for ALROSA.

The oldest processing facility in the subarctic region, plant No. 8 was launched in 1961 to process kimberlite ore from the Aikhal, Sytykanskaya, Komsomolskaya and Zarya pipes. Its capacity was 1.5 m tonnes of ore per year. The facility was decommissioned in 2020 as scheduled after the completion of mining at the Komsomolsky open pit in 2019. The ore from the remaining pipes is now processed at plant No. 14, which enables us to streamline the utilisation of processing capacities and optimise costs.

At this stage, the Company has already dismantled the equipment, gear, and energy facilities, and handed them over to other business units of the Aikhal Division and ALROSA.

The dismantling of the plant building involves taking down the roof panels, metal structures, utility systems, reinforced concrete foundations, substructures, and walling. At ALROSA, we put a premium on ensuring safety during dismantling operations. Based on preliminary estimates, about 35 thousand tonnes of scrap metal, construction and other waste will be removed and disposed of as part of the dismantling project.

The engaged contractor expects to complete the dismantling of the surface structures in December 2021. Following the dismantling of the building frame and its components, the area will be covered with soil and revegetated in 2022. The plant and the tailing dump are planned to be completely taken down in 2026. The aggregate costs of the project are estimated at approximately RUB 2.5 bn.

ALROSA pays very close attention to ESG matters and meets the highest CSR standards. Every year, the Company allocates a percentage of its revenues to numerous social and environment initiatives as part of its global programme Diamonds that Care.
In 2020, ALROSA’s social and environmental investments exceeded USD 216 m (around RUB 16 bn), which is close to the RUB 20–25 bn invested annually in technical renovation, mining facilities and infrastructure.

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