ALROSA sold large rough diamonds worth USD 9 million at an auction in Vladivostok

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ALROSA took stock of the international auction for special-size rough diamonds weighing 10.8 carats and more, held on the territory of the Eurasian Diamond Centre (The EDC) in Vladivostok.

Rough diamond previews were organized by the United Selling Organization (the USO) of ALROSA and ALROSA branch in Vladivostok in the period from October 16 to 27.

The Company sold 66 stones with the total weight of 1,084 carats. The total sales revenue amounted to USD 9 million. The cost of the most expensive 40.47-carat rough diamond exceeded USD 1 million.

“Our branch in Vladivostok was opened in the fall of 2016, and today we can review the results of the first year of its work. In the period from September 2016 to October 2017, we held four auctions for special-size rough diamonds at the Far-Eastern platform and sold 4,708 carats of rough diamonds for the total of USD 47 million. It is a good result,” said Yury Okoyomov, ALROSA Vice President.

In addition to special-size rough diamonds, ALROSA branch in Vladivostok sells regular assortment – gem-quality rough diamonds under 10.8 carats, industrial rough diamonds, and polished diamonds.

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