ALROSA set to host second annual True Colors auction in September

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Moscow, August 23, 2019 – ALROSA is set to host the second annual True Colors auction of natural color diamonds in September. Customers will have the opportunity to view the diamonds at the Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair between 16th to 20th September. The auction will last until September 23th.

The True Colors collection consists of more than 200 polished diamonds of fancy colors and various shapes. Most of them have the certificates of GIA, the most reliable diamond grading laboratory in the world. The collection includes such remarkable diamonds as 18.07-carat, IF, pear-cut intense yellow diamond, a 6.78-carat, emerald-cut, vivid yellow diamond, a pair of pear-cut Vivid Purplish Pink diamonds (0.54-carat, VVS1 and 0.55-carat, IF).

This auction is a unique opportunity to buy polished diamonds directly from diamond mining company without third-party fees.

With an in-house cutting division and closed production cycle, ALROSA is able to guarantee the provenance of each diamond. All the diamonds are accompanied by an extended digital ‘passport’, which contains the information about the date and place of mining, characteristics, and even information about the cutter and his professional experience. To provide the future customer of jewelry retail with more data on the origin of the diamond, a customized video is also available.

The first True Colors auction took place in 2018, and ALROSA successfully sold 210 natural color diamonds there.

Starting from 2018, DIAMONDS of ALROSA cutting and polishing division is focused on polishing of large unique colorless and colored diamonds. The company aims to become a leader of natural color diamonds market.

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