ALROSA remediated 1,306 ha of land in 2020

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August 20, 2021 – In 2020, ALROSA Group diamond mining companies[1] remediated 1,306 ha of lands where mining took place. This was done as part of a specially created programme.

Pine, larch and willow seedlings were planted and perennial cereals were sown on the Group's former industrial sites. Remediation expenses amounted to RUB 129 mln.

Land remediation is a comprehensive process that includes technical and biological rehabilitation of land resources, including tailing dumps and water reservoirs, as well as restoration of land integrity after exploration. In order to restore the territories’ environmental balance, ALROSA's specialists sow them, analyze the biosphere and measure the plants.

“Remediating lands where mining took place is a priority for ALROSA that gave rise to a dedicated programme through to 2026. In 2020, the company met its remediation commitments in full. We perform year-long monitoring to see how the planted trees are adapting to the soil. Last year, adaptability was at 85%,” said Nadezhda Liss, Chief Specialist for Land Remediation and Resources Management at ALROSA.

She also noted that remediation is considered complete only after a stable vegetation cover has formed. Sometimes this process takes more than one year. In 2021, ALROSA plans to reintegrate 48% of used lands into the ecosystem.

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ALROSA pays close attention to ESG matters and meets the highest CSR standards. Every year, the Company allocates about 8% of its revenues to more than 500 social and environment initiatives as part of its global programme Diamonds that Care. ALROSA’s social and environmental investments are comparable to the amounts it spends on technical renovation, mining facilities and infrastructure (RUB 20–25 bn annually).

[1] PJSC ALROSA, JSC Almazy Anabara and PJSC Severalmaz are diamond mining companies within ALROSA Group.

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