ALROSA refinances $720 mln bank loan

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Moscow, June 10, 2016 – PJSC ALROSA announces signing of agreement with JSC Alfa-Bank to postpone the maturity date of loan in amount of $720 mln from 2017 to 2019.

As part of ALROSA liquidity management, the maturity date of bank loan in amount of $720 mln received in 2014 is postponed from April 28, 2017 to July 01, 2019, with unchanged annual interest rate of 4.3%.

In consequence, ALROSA repayment schedule for debt on loans and borrowings in amount of $2,690 mln is as follows: $370 mln in 2017, $600 mln in 2018, $720 mln in 2019 and $1,000 mln in 2020.

Commenting on the signing of agreement, Igor Kulichik, CFO, Vice President of ALROSA, said: "Refinancing of JSC Alfa-Bank loan enables to optimise the Company's debt repayment schedule. ALROSA consistently implements the liquidity management balanced policy by ensuring repayment sources for debt on loans and borrowings well in advance".

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