ALROSA President meets with relatives of miners who remain underground

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On Saturday, August 5, Sergey Ivanov met with the relatives of the missing workers from Mir underground mine. Relatives were provided with the comprehensive information about the rescue operation.

“On behalf of the Company and on my own behalf, I wish to express my sincere support to the relatives and friends of those who are still blocked in the underground mine. I understand how difficult it is for them to wait for the news. Today, we have managed to lift one of the miners to the surface and it brings hope to all of us,” Sergey Ivanov said after the meeting.

He noted that everything possible and impossible is being done to reach and rescue the miners.

“The situation in the mine is complicated and is constantly changing because of water inflows. We dispose of all the resources now, all the equipment required for the search was immediately delivered to Mirny. The rescue teams are trying to get to the places where the miners can be blocked. Several of our most experienced workers have volunteered to help the rescuers, to try to reach the places where their colleagues might be blocked,” Sergey Ivanov said summarizing the meeting.

He also said that he signed an order allowing all workers of the underground mine, in case of a temporary downtime, to continue to receive salary in accordance with the collective agreement and internal labor regulations: underground workers will be paid the average monthly earnings, others – 2/3 of the average monthly earnings.

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