ALROSA installs additional pumps to minimize the risk of flooding the search area

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Water from Metegiro-Ichersky aquifer comes to the bottom of Mir open pit. The mine basin contains some 27,600 cubic meters of water. To secure rescuers’ work on level 210 and prevent its flooding, two pumps are being installed, each with a capacity of 1,250 cubic meters of water per hour. Their launch is scheduled on August 8 late in the afternoon. Another pump with the same capacity is being installed below level 210.

First of all, these measures are aimed at minimizing the risks of flooding the area where rescuers are searching for the missing miners. Two load-haul dump machines are also being moved to level 210 to speed up the removal of mined rock and silt brought by water. In addition, four powerful mine pumps are in standby mode to prevent the increase in the open pit water level.

The Company’s mine surveyors perform measurements with laser scanners and tachymeters to constantly monitor the water level and state of the open pit mine. According to instrument readings, ventilation systems are constantly operating in the mine, the air is supplied everywhere.


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