ALROSA holds the first in many years polished diamond tender in New York

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Moscow, August 9, 2018 - DIAMONDS ALROSA, the cutting and polishing division of ALROSA, held a tender for the sale of polished diamonds in the USA this July. This is the first tender for polished diamonds after the reopening of ALROSA’s office in New York.

In total, 111 stones of standard color with total weight of 308.97 carats were sold. The total revenue from sales amounted to $1.5 million. Companies from the largest centers of diamond trade, including Belgium, India, Israel and the US, participated in the tender.

“We brought to New York polished diamonds of various cuts, weighing from 2 to 6 carats. We were pleased to see great interest from American buyers, especially given the fact that this was our first tender in the US after a long break. We also succeeded in attracting new clients, and by the end of this year, we hope to hold one more tender, where we will bring a more interesting assortment", - Pavel Vinikhin, director of DIAMONDS ALROSA, commented on the results.

The United States is the world's largest market for the consumption of diamond jewelry. The ALROSA office in New York was opened in 2006, but since 2016, it has not been operating for organizational reasons. It resumed work in spring 2018.

ALROSA's trading offices are also located in the world's major centers of diamond trade: Antwerp, Hong Kong, Dubai, Ramat Gan. There is also a representative office in Mumbai.

DIAMONDS ALROSA is ALROSA’s own cutting and polishing division and one of Russia’s largest diamond manufacturers. It works with large rough diamonds over 1.8 carats, including special size rough diamonds and those with unique color specifications. The division is engaged not only in the manufacture of polished diamonds, but in their sale as well. The bulk of products are sold by wholesale lots at monthly trading sessions, both for export and in the domestic market.

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