ALROSA helped to build a new cultural center in Olenyok Evenki National District

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December 17, 2019 – Olenyok village has built a modern cultural center. A new recreational facility, named Ilkit, will help preserving traditions and cultural heritage of local indigenous peoples, Evenki. ALROSA provided 280 million rubles for the project.

The Head of Yakutia Aysen Nikolaev, representatives of the Yakutia government, Il Tumen national assembly and other authorities of Yakutia attended the opening ceremony. ALROSA was represented by Deputy CEO Alexey Dyachkovsky and Pavel Marinychev, a Director of ALROSA’s affiliate Almazy Anabara.

“ALROSA recognizes the uniqueness of Olenyok Evenki National District. The new recreational center is one of the company’s efforts to create conditions for the preservation of the intangible cultural heritage of the Evenki, one of the indigenous peoples of the Russian North. Talented and bright people live and work in the region. They preserve their ancestors’ experience and knowledge and share it with new generations. They make a significant contribution to the revival and development of indigenous culture, and extensively work on the promotion and protection of traditions and lives of indigenous peoples of the North. It is noteworthy that the new cultural facility opens on the 85th, anniversary year of the Olenyok region,” - said Alexey Dyachkovsky, Deputy CEO of ALROSA.

In a two-story building of 1,390 square meters there a modern assembly hall for 200 guests, a cinema hall, a ritual hall in the form of urasa (ancient summerhouse of Yakut people), classes for dancing, singing and drama, a lunchroom with Internet access. In addition, the center will house a State Civil Register Office and a library. All premises are well equipped.

“The main purpose of the center is to preserve the traditional culture, language, arts and crafts of the indigenous peoples of the North. Now we will be able to rehearse performances. It will also help our talented folk artisans to develop their skills. We are very glad to have this new center. Besides, there is a big cinema hall in there,” said Alexander Ivanov, the head of the Olenyok region.

A bronze sculpture by the famous sculptor Afanasy Romanov decorates the courtyard. The statue "Son of Uren Khosun" depicts an Evenki boy as a descendant of the legendary warrior.

Notes for editors:

Olenyok Evenki National District is located in the north-west of Yakutia, above the Arctic Circle. Its area is 318.1 thousand square meters, or 10% of the entire territory of Yakutia. The distance from Yakutsk, the capital of the republic, to the Olenyok village by land is 2,026 km, by air – 1,270 km. About 4,000 Evenks live in the region. The Evenki people have a unique culture that has evolved over millennia in harsh environment. They are famous by an extremely careful attitude to the world around them.

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