ALROSA Group reviews the first results of 2015

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At its scheduled meeting, ALROSA’s Executive Committee preapproved the results of the Company’s financial and economic activities in 2015.

ALROSA Group maintained its leading position in rough diamond mining at the level of 38.3 million carats, which is 6% higher as compared to 2014. The increase in production was achieved through the successful development of Mir and Udachny underground mines, commissioning of Karpinskaya-1 and Botuobinskaya pipes and other high-potential deposits. Global diamond mining in 2015 grew an average of 3% and was estimated by the Company at about 129 million carats.

Despite the poor global diamond market condition, in 2015, ALROSA Group increased rough diamond sales by 3.8% and sale proceeds by 8%, having reached RUB 224.5 billion. The increment of diamond reserves by ALROSA Group totaled 43.6 million carats.

Tax liabilities by ALROSA Group in 2015 amounted to some RUB 50 billion, exceeding those in 2014 by 22%. In 2015, ALROSA Group proceeded with the non-core assets disposal program.

High rate of the Group’s social activities is confirmed by 40 thousand workplaces of the economically active population. The allowance for social programs and charity projects totaled RUB 10.7 billion in 2015.

Following the results of 2015, ALROSA’s market capitalization exceeded RUB 412 billion.

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