ALROSA Group reports Q1 2013 UFRS results

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In Q1 2013 ALROSA’s production was in line with the production plan for the quarter and reached the level of 7.5 mln carats. Sales volumes in Q1 2013 amounted to 10.3 million carats and were 8% higher than Q1 2012 and 6% lower than Q4 2012.

Revenue grew by 6% to Q1 2012 – to RUB 39.6 billion driven by increased sales volumes.

Revenue decreased by 15% to Q4 2012 due to changes in product mix.

The average gem-quality prices (excluding shifts in product mix) in Q1 2013 increased by 1.4% to Q4 2012 (to $158.6/ct) and were 14% lower than the level of Q1 2012.

EBITDA amounted to RUB 15.771 billion with margin of 40% in line with Q1 2012 and up from 29% in Q4 2012.

Net profit amounted to RUB 6.258 billion which was 29% and 51% lower to Q4 and Q1 2012 respectively due to exchange rate loses. The full text of IFRS report is published on ALROSA website in the “Financial statements” directory:

The IR-release on report is published in the directory “Events and presentations”:

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