ALROSA extracts 122-ct diamond from Jubilee pipe

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ALROSA recovered a large diamond of 121.96 carats from Jubilee kimberlite pipe. The diamond was extracted by the company’s business unit Aikhal Mining and Processing Division (MPD) at the processing plant No.14.

The diamond has an octahedral shape, it’s dimensions are 31.28 х 30.00 х 28.57 mm. The crystal of “2 Black Sawables 3 colour” quality is transparent with moderate yellowish hue. There are small olivine, graphite and sulphide inclusions in this crystal.

Jubilee pipe is famous for its large finds. A few diamonds from 50 to 138 carats were recovered from the deposit year to date. The fact of extraction of one of them, a 76.07-carat diamond, was named in honor of 70 Years of Victory in the Great Patriotic War – the substantial part of World War II. Another Jubilee diamond, a 64.23-carat octahedral stone, in December was named in honor of the 40th anniversary of independence of the Republic of Angola.


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