ALROSA enters the Top-10 of Russian transparent companies

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ALROSA has entered the Top-10 of companies with the highest transparency index in the framework of the study "Transparency in Corporate Reporting", prepared by Transparency International - Russia.

The aim of the study was to increase the overall level of transparency and public accountability in the private sector and to capture the degree of Russian commercial sector openness. The research is based on the methodology developed by the movement Transparency International. A large-scale study of the Russian business sector was conducted for the first time; it covered 200 largest Russian companies by revenue.
As part of a study, ALROSA, in particular, has shown the maximum result (92%) by the criterion "Anticorruption documents", which assesses the presence of anti-corruption policy and internal ethical documents in the company, their public access. As important points in the ethical documents of ALROSA, Transparency International notes the provisions under which the anti-corruption policy applies to all employees, including senior officials, regardless of the position they hold.

ALROSA has also shown a high result (75%) by the "Organizational transparency" criterion, which assesses the completeness of information disclosure on the company's subsidiaries and associated structures.

Sergey Ivanov, CEO – Chairman of Executive Committee:
“Transparency is one of the most important priorities for us today; recently, we have seriously strengthened anti-corruption work. In addition, starting from 2013, ALROSA has been a participant of Anti-corruption Charter of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, the company has a Policy on combating bribery and corruption, which is also extended to members of the Supervisory Board. For all employees there is a hotline where they can send their suggestions for improving internal control procedures”.

ALROSA is the world's largest diamond mining company. In 2017, the company produced 39.6 million carats of diamonds. ALROSA's production facilities are located in Russia, primarily in the Republic of Yakutia, the region with a harsh climate and permafrost.

ALROSA aims at keeping the corporate governance system, as well as corporate culture at a proper level. In 2016, the company conducted more than 5,000 checks to identify the violations in the area of countering corruption not only among its workers, but also among the business partners. There were also 168 administrative measures taken in response to violations among workers, and 11 workers were dismissed in connection with identified violations in the area of corruption.

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