ALROSA employed 1,392 people under the program “Local personnel to industry”

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February 20, 2020 - ALROSA has employed 1,392 people living in Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) in 2019 as part of the implementation of the priority republican project "Local personnel to industry".

This number includes 581 employees  working on a shift basis, 485 people from rural areas, and 301 young professionals under the age of 30.

In 2019, 13 employees went through professional training and additional professional education at the ALROSA training center. In addition, 19 young specialists were trained in the company's structural divisions. More than RUB 1.5 mln was spent on professional training, additional education of citizens and training of young specialists within the framework of this program. The Company conducts comprehensive career guidance aimed at attracting local personnel. ALROSA accompanies students in collaboration with the Mirninsky district Department of education, the Mirny Polytechnic Lyceum and The Сenter for Additional Education of Children.

In order to reduce the time needed for local staff to adapt and integrate smoothly into production processes, ALROSA launched a project for local employees, Argys, in 2019. It is intended to help employees from Yakutia's municipal districts to get used to the company's production sites quickly and create a basis for their professional growth.

Also, together with the State Committee of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) on employment and the Employment Center, representatives of ALROSA held job fairs throughout 2019. According to statistics, more than 2,000 local residents took part in such fairs. To participate in external job fairs in Vilyuysk and Verkhnevilyuysk, a working group of eight people was created. It included representatives from Udachny and Nyurbinsky division, Department of capital construction, ALROSA cultural and sports complex, training center and HR of ALROSA.

In addition, in accordance with agreements with industrial companies, including ALROSA, 352 unemployed and unoccupied citizens were trained under the state employment assistance program. In 2019, 45 people from Oleneksky, Zhigansky, Namsky, Gorny, Vilyuysky municipal districts and Yakutsk city passed training for "E category driver", "controller of precious products", "sorter" for employment in Almazy Anabara JSC. In ALROSA, 40 people from Mirninsky, Suntarsky, Oleneksky districts were trained for driving BelAZ, "locksmith for control and measuring devices and automation", and "construction carpenter". The training took place at the regional Technical College in Mirny, the training center of ALROSA.

In 2020, state employment committee of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) plans to expand the framework of the project "Local personnel to industry" on other industries: construction, roads, energy and transportation in order to maintain the rate of employment of local citizens and reduce poverty with the development of a new plan and the schedule of implementation for 2020-2022. ALROSA will also take part in these programs.

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