ALROSA earns about $5 mln at polished diamond auction in US

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November 26, 2019 – ALROSA auctioned polished diamonds of own manufacture in the US. Diamonds of ALROSA, the company’s cutting and polishing division, organized the auction. Reviews of polished diamonds took place at the trade representative office ALROSA USA Inc.

The overall revenue amounted to $4.8 mln. The company sold 255 polished diamonds with a total weight of 435 carats, or 80% of all the offered stones. That amount included 21 stones of regular color, and 73 fancy colored diamonds, such as Yellow, Pink and Purple, as well as 9 sets of colored diamonds with a total weight of 65 carats.

Companies from the US, Belgium, Israel, China, India, Hong Kong and Russia participated in the auction.

"We brought a diverse range of polished diamonds to New York, including fancy colors and different cuts. There were more than 50 participants, and customers from the US were among them as well. The auction was very successful, we sold the most part of the offered volume," said Pavel Vinikhin, Director of the Diamonds of ALROSA cutting division.

This was the second ALROSA’s auction for polished diamonds in New York this year. The first one took place in summer and completed with a revenue of $3 million.


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