ALROSA earns $3 mln from sales of polished diamonds in New York

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Moscow, July 9, 2019 – ALROSA, a global leader in diamond mining, summed up the results of the tender for polished diamonds, which was held in New York this June. The company's cutting division - DIAMONDS OF ALROSA organized the tender.

The company sold 20 polished diamonds with total weight of 140.4 carats. That amount included 8 gemstones of standard color and 12 fancy colored polished diamonds, most of them had Fancy Yellow and Fancy Intense Yellow characteristics.

The overall revenue amounted to $3 mln. There were 29 participants from several countries at the tender, and 11 firms were recognized as winners in different tender positions.

"The polished diamond tender in New York was very successful, despite the traditionally quiet summer season and the falling market as a whole. White and fancy polished diamonds were equally in good demand. In addition to retailers from the US, the world's largest market for diamond jewelry consumption, firms from Israel, Taiwan, India and the United Arab Emirates participated in the tender," said Pavel Vinikhin, Director of the DIAMONDS OF ALROSA cutting division.

The next tender in the United States is scheduled for November 2019, and there will also be another one in Israel this fall. In September, the company will hold a traditional diamond tender in Hong Kong.

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