Alrosa assesses benefits of the solar power project at Nyurba

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November 27, 2019 – ALROSA’s Nyurba Mining and Processing Division has assessed environmental and economic benefits of its solar power project. The integration of solar energy collectors into the heating system of Nyurba base camp allowed reducing greenhouse gas emissions and a consumption of expensive oil fuel and water.

ALROSA’s main operations are concentrated in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) in Far Eastern Russia. Winters are long and summers are short there. However, this region is relatively sunny. For cities of Yakutia, the average annual amount of sunshine lies in the range of 1,700-2,000 hours.

ALROSA’s Nyurba MPD invested 4.5 mln rubles to install 150 solar panels (300 sq.m) three years ago.
“Solar power use in Yakutia is underdeveloped despite high costs for oil which needs to be transported from offsite. It is due to significant initial investments and a lack of experience on the regional level. ALROSA decided to implement solar energy collectors into a heating system of Nyurba base camp after a successful small-scale pilot project started in 2013. A payoff period for the current project estimated to be 5 years. Solar panels provide us with a clean and environmentally friendly energy”, - says Polina Anisimova, ALROSA’s Chief Ecologist.

Solar energy collectors provide heating to Nyurba’s base camp in summer days instead of the oil-fired boiler. Since its installation, the complex allowed to reduce oil consumption by 85 tonnes and greenhouse gas emissions by 271 tonnes of СО2-equivalent. It uses a closed water cycle and does not generate any waste.

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