ALROSA approved its 2025 Health and Safety Strategy

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May 26, 2021 – ALROSA has presented its Health & Safety Strategy for 2021-2025. Its primary goal is to bring the number of fatalities to zero by leveraging best management practices and state-of-the-art technology. The Strategy approved by the company's Health & Safety Committee streamlines ALROSA’s approach to its safety practices and sets out main goals and objectives designed to enhance the efficiency of all processes.

ALROSA is committed to promoting a culture of safety and puts a particular emphasis on regular inspections of working conditions and risk assessments based on a risk matrix developed specifically for every production facility. Furthermore, ALROSA strives to improve the engagement of contractors and suppliers that are required to comply with all the corporate occupational safety regulations.

Key objectives to be achieved by 2025 under the Strategy include:
• bringing the number of occupational accidents and emergencies to zero by promoting a culture of safety;
• fostering a pool of leaders who will help their respective teams achieve excellence in OHS;
• reducing the adverse impact of production activities on health and safety;
• ensuring safety of works performed by contractors at ALROSA Group’s facilities;
• transforming the operating model of the OHS team, with the focus shifted to “quick wins” and KPI;
• completing a certification audit for compliance with ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety in 2022;
• digitalising all H&S processes.

“In pursuance of its commitment to improving occupational safety at the Group’s production facilities, ALROSA adopted a strategy aimed at bringing the level of occupational safety in line with the best industry standards. Employee safety and health are our top priority. That is why our strategic goal is to bring the number of production-related accidents and occupational injuries to zero by promoting a culture of safety across ALROSA Group’s facilities,” said Sergey Ivanov, ALROSA’s CEO.

Execution of the H&S Strategy is part of the top-management KPIs such as lost time frequency rate (LTIFR) and accident rate.

A comprehensive Health and Safety Program designed to actively engage senior management in monitoring and addressing H&S issues, provide mandatory H&S trainings for employees and assesse employees awareness of H&S issues. Performance assessment of management teams across the Company takes into account training achievements, completion of knowledge tests, and initiatives to raise employee awareness about H&S issues. The execution of the Program is supported by the corresponding motivation system for both line managers and employees. A contest is held on a regular basis, with the best division awarded the title of the Safety Leader.

In 2020, ALROSA transformed its OHS management system, introduced a risk-oriented approach to OHS checks, and implemented two permanent standards – Work Permit System at Business Units and Three-Level Control of Industrial Safety and Health Management at ALROSA Facilities. The Company assessed risks at hazardous production facilities and conducted a special evaluation of working conditions across the business units.

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