ALROSA Amongst Industry Leaders in ESG Credit Factor Scores – S&P Global Ratings Report

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December 15, 2021 – International ratings agency S&P Global Ratings has published its ESG credit indicators for companies in the global metals and mining sector. ALROSA’s scores are amongst the highest. These indicators are a part of a company’s credit rating assessment.

ESG credit indicators are designed to ensure additional information disclosure when assessing an issuer’s credit rating, and reflect the view of S&P’s analysts on the extent to which environmental, social and governance factors impact its credit rating. This impact is scored on a scale of 1 (positive impact) to 5 (negative impact).

ALROSA’s scores turned out to be amongst the best in the metal and mining sector:

As reported previously, in August of this year, S&P Global Ratings raised ALROSA’s stand-alone credit profile from BBB- do BBB – above sovereign. The stable outlook on this rating reflects the agency’s confidence that ALROSA’s financials will remain at a comfortably high level over the next two years, thanks, amongst other things, to the Company’s balanced financial and dividend policies at a time of stable demand and limited global diamond supply.

In 2021, ALROSA also improved its score in S&P Global’s corporate sustainability assessment.

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