Alexey Mariin: “They do everything they can to rescue the miners” (video)

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Марьин АлексейAlexey Mariin, the brother of the miner trapped underground, who expressed his distrust to the rescue operation and accused the organizers of hiding information, spend 2.5 hours underground today.He went down the mine at 8.30 am, together with a morning shift team consisting of 22 mine rescuers and volunteer miners.A representative of ALROSA’s Industrial Safety Department accompanied the group.Together with the rescuers, Alexey Mariin inspected the workings of the ventilation and backfill gallery.

Back on the surface, he told about the progress of the rescue operation in an interview to a correspondent of a local television channel.

- Did they tell you about the progress of works?

- There are two rescue teams working in one direction and a group of volunteer miners working in another direction. They are doing everything they can. Everything they are capable of.

- Did you see the rescuers working?

- Yes. They are cutting pipes, moving away boulders and rock, preparing everything,clearing blocked passages. It is not as simple as it seems down there. It is very serious.

- Did they explain everything to you?

- Of course, but what can they explain to me? I know everything, I am a miner. There is nothing more to say. The rescuers’ task is to clear away the rubble and take the guys out, but it takes time.

Alexey Mariin - Video

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