Alexey Mariin descends into Mir underground mine again

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On Thursday, August 17, Alexey Mariin, the brother of one of the missing miners, descended again into the workings of level –210 as an observer with one of the search and rescue groups.

A representative of ALROSA’s Industrial Safety Department accompanied the group.

Back on the surface, Alexey expressed the hope that the search and rescue operation would be successfully completed. “We hope and believe that our guys will endure everything, at least some of them will wait for us, and rescuers will get to them. I feel that the guys are there, that they are alive. We must hope for it. The worst, it will come, it has already come... And we must hope for the best. Rescuers are working properly, they are doing their work. Now it is easier, there is less metal,” said Alexey Mariin.

As reported earlier, on August 12, Alexey Mariin, who expressed his distrust to the rescue operation and accused the organizers of hiding information, also descended into Mir mine to watch over the search and rescue operations. Thereafter he noted that the rescuers and miners “are doing everything they can, everything they are capable of.”

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