Aikhal Division increased the equipment use efficiency by process reorganization

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September 24, 2020 – The utilization rate for dump trucks at the Aikhal Division increased by 7 percent to over 81 percent due to the implementation of the Ideal Shift project. This leads to a more rational use of resources and reduces costs of purchasing equipment.

The Ideal Shift project, previously implemented at the Nyurba Division, was launched at the Jubilee open pit of the Aikhal Division in June. Its main components are in-shift maintenance and the arrangement of rotation and a replacement driver’s work.

As a part of the Ideal Shift, a service department was created at the division, and the work was reorganized according to the principle of a racing pit stop, when refueling, quick repairs and inspections are carried out simultaneously. This required organizing a resting area for drivers near the deposit, changing the staff distribution and working schedule and developing a new payment system for drivers, which is currently being tested.

“At the moment we have the opportunity to reduce the resources consumed in terms of dump trucks by increasing their utilization rate. Thanks to this, we can efficiently work using a smaller amount of equipment, which will allow us to remove 1-2 trucks from operations and keep them for the future. This approach is more rational and will bring a positive economic effect,” commented Artem Polyvyanny, head of the production system development department at Aikhal Division.

The United Dispatch Service (UDS) was also integrated into the project. It allowed to synchronize all actions, and now the rotating UDS personnel is continuously in charge for coordinating breaks, shift changes and refueling vehicles.

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