Maksim Razdolkin

By virtue of the resolution of the Supervisory Board, Maxim RAZDOLKIN has been occupying the position of the Corporate Secretary of the Company since September 28, 2018.

The Corporate Secretary is an official of PJSC ALROSA, the Head of Corporate Governance Department and a person holding a managerial position in the Company.

The Corporate Secretary carries out his activities in cooperation with all the Company’s subdivisions and services, based on the laws of the Russian Federation and regulations of the Company. Functions, rights and duties of the Corporate Secretary are set out in the Regulations On the Corporate Secretary of PJSC ALROSA.

The Corporate Secretary’s main functions are to:

- ensure observance of rights and property interests of shareholders, assist shareholders in exercising their rights, and maintain a balance of interests between participants of corporate relationship:

- ensure compliance by the Company’s executive bodies and employees with the requirements of laws, the Articles of Association, and the Company’s internal documents that guarantee the implementation of the shareholders’ rights and legitimate interests;

-  ensure the functioning of the General Meeting of Shareholders, the Supervisory Board, the Supervisory Board committees, the Executive Committee, and the Auditing Committee;

- assist Supervisory Board members in exercising their functions, induct newly elected Supervisory Board members;

- develop the Company’s corporate governance system in line with the interests of all shareholders and the Company:

- increase the Company’s investment attractiveness, contribute to its sustainable development.

The Head of Corporate Governance Department – Corporate Secretary Maxim RAZDOLKIN is functionally subordinate and reports to the Supervisory Board of the Company, and administratively – to the CEO – Chairman of the Executive Committee of PJSC ALROSA.

He has no family ties with any members of PJSC ALROSA’s executive or supervisory bodies

Regulation on the Corporate Secretary of ALROSA


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