7:00 Update on the rescue operation at Mir underground mine

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New possible directions of the rescue operation have been determined. The plan is to strength the group working underground by 35 rescuers and miners with additional equipment. Underground workings on levels 210 and 310 are being cleared. Mine rescue teams and three load-haul dump machines are working to remove the rock mass.

Seven rock climbers from Aikhal arrived to Mirny on August 6 to inspect outlets of vent shafts and tunnels. It will allow getting more information about the presence, location and condition of people blocked underground. It is planned to inspect the total of 50 hectares of the open pit surface in a day.

Water inflows in the vertical mine shaft are being constantly monitored. Pumps installed on level -235 meters are removing water from the open pit mine. Three or four teams, each consisting of 5-7 specialists, are working simultaneously in the underground mine. ALROSA’s employees who know the underground mine very well are also helping them. While moving forward together with the rescuers, the miners are setting up ventilation systems and taking air samples to detect gas and other dangerous and harmful substances in it.

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