7.50 pm: Official denial

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The information about casualties (two mine workers) at Mir underground mine published in some media contradicts the reality. Search operations continue.

The list of mine workers we are searching for:

1.      Alexey Vladimirovich Vlasenko, drill rig operator

2.      Dmitry Evgenievich Zhukov, drill rig operator

3.      Dmitry Mikhailovich Mariin, drill rig operator

4.      Valentin Anatolievich Misnik, (shift) foreman

5.      Igor Anatolievich Stepanov, blaster

6.      Vitaly Vitalievich Kulikov, acting foreman

7.      Gleb Alexandrovich Mirontsev, stope miner

8.      Mikhail Yurievich Neustroev, drill rig operator

9.      Alisher Ismailovich Mirzaev, mining cager

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