6.00 pm Updated information about rescue operation

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The main result today is that the rescue operation continues under extremely difficult conditions. The rescue activities are promptly adjusted depending on the degree of risk.

Also, at level -210 an additional pumping system consisting of three pumps was mounted to minimize the risk of flooding of the search sites. Two pumps with a capacity of 1,250 cubic meters of water per hour each are ready-to-run. According to instrument readings, all ventilation systems are constantly operating, the air is supplied in the entire mine shaft.

Today, seven ALROSA’s climbers descended down the open-pit slopes to reach water-collecting wells, the attempt to get in touch with the missing miners by tapping was unsuccessful. Tomorrow, rock climbers will repeat their attempt to get in touch with the miners trapped underground.

The miners brought to the surface are on the mend. Andrey Unarov has been discharged from Mirny District Hospital and receives treatment at Gornyak Health Center. Dolat Abdazov is to be released from the hospital in the next 24 hours. Alisher Mirzaev has been transferred from the intensive care to trauma unit, his health is improving.

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